The gaseous trapped corpse of the pirate captain Windy Wuntle Windlestrae discovered preserved underwater.
The Scottish Word:


It’s the remains o Pirate Captain Windy Wuntle Windlestrae richt eneuch, preserved oer the years by his weel kent aboundant pushionous pumps. His peg leg sauf here anaw.

Pirate Captain Windy Wuntle Windlestrae. [part 2 of 2].

He’s iz windy in deith as he wiz in life – noo leakin like a hydrothermal vent. He’s weel ernt his name.

If I wiz youz ah’d keep yer masks oan ahn get upwind o thon bubbles.

Ahn mak sure ye dinni pump oanie o that evil guff doon mha air hose.


pushionous: poisonous.

It is the remains of pirate captain Windy Wuntle Windlestrae right enough, preserved over the years by his renowned abundant noxious farts. His wooden leg is safe here as well.

He’s as windy in death as he was in life – now leaking like a hydrothermal vent. He has truly earned his name.

If I was you two I would keep your masks on and get upwind of those bubbles.

And make sure you do not pump any of that evil bad smell down my air hose.

Part one of the story of Wuntle Windlestrae.

The Scottish Word: Pushionous with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


While we’re on the topic of masks. I’ve made some Scottish themed ones for myself and family. They are also available to buy on my shop on Society 6 here.


Hingin Grinning Sporran mask and the Midgie Bytes mask in various colours: azure, orange, blue, green, yellow, white and black. $13.99 each.

sample mask images

Machine-washable, crafted with a poly fabric and woven elastic ear loops, pleated, dual layer construction for snug fit, includes an inner “pocket” for disposable filters, mask measurements: 7″ x 3.5″ Not medical grade. Filters not included

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to help the COVID-19 recovery effort.

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