Girl reads poem on the bus, just written, to boy, her inspiration, in next seat.
The Scottish Word:


Yiv glisk’d at that
an glisk’d at thon,
glisk’d here an glisk’d there.
Yiv glisk’d like a stervin loon.

Yer fidgin fain tae be at,
what, ye dinni ken,
but yir at nithin,
nithin’s where yer at.

Either tak tent o the passin warld
or tak a buik or hear a sang.
Tentillie an mair than wance
sic like tae fettle yer brain.
Doom scrollin’s jist bilin it.
Tae mince.

Wanna borrow wan o mha buiks?


glisk: glance, glimpse, glint, flicker.

You’ve glanced at that
and glanced at that other
glanced here and glanced there
you’ve flickered about like a mad starved bird.

You’re frightfully eager to be busy at something,
what, you do not know,
but you are busy doing nothing,
doing nothing is where you are.

Either be attentive to the passing world
or take to a book or listen to a song.
With care and attention and more than once
so as to sharpen and strengthen your brain.
Doom scrolling’s just boiling it.
Into ground beef.

Would you like to borrow one of my books?

The Scottish Word: glisk with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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