Turnip people investigating a suspicious death.
The Scottish Word:


The chiel’s a tumshieheid gomach monoglot o a trow o the warst kind. Burst his pan tap ahn skooshed a biled bilein o rotten neep oer the ceilin.

Frae lookin at his browsin history and choice o peppirs he wiz awready in a tirran radge oer kennin a pochle o UK folk had leids ithir than English fir yis amangst themsels sic as Polish, Urdu, Bengali, Gurjarati, Arabic, French, Chinese ahn mair.

Ahm a bit o a polyglot massel ye ken.

But when he foond oot even mair spik leids native tae the UK sic as Welsh, Irish, Gaelic, Scots, Cornish, Manx, Guernesiais, Romany, ahn some ithirs. It wiz too much tae tak.

That’s whit biled his heid, ripped his erse, spued ahn burst his pan. Fankled eneuch oer what he thocht o as foreigners the rest o us wiz too much.

He’d awready gone reid baigie, bit noo, at foo Worzel, he hit the roof.

Oniewey him wearin onie yin o his tumshieheids wid hae din the same. Except the tap skelf yins o thocht an mense. They’re awa. Neglected sairly.


trow: troll, in this case of the Internet kind, also a mischievous sprite or fairy, a supernatural being common in Scandinavian mythology.

The Scottish Word: trow with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

No translation.

I’ve not done a translation because I don’t want trolls to see what is said without effort.

Also many trolls don’t think they are bad or are spreading division, misinformation, and hate. Many even think they are doing good works. The result of allowing their brains to be pretzeled so that “War is Peace” and other such twist as Orwell predicted.

Social media has harmful bubbles but what about the equally poisonous discourse in plain view that we have been acclimatised to. Newspapers on shop shelves that reach those many more not on social media.

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