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Fyke the Mummy illustration development.

I think the idea of a monster mother plant peering in through the greenhouse windows arrived because I’d just finished watching BBC Scotland’s The Beechgrove Garden before I begun doodling.

details of the initial idea.

From the mad doodles I create I try to make a more considered version starting with a light coloured pencil and move to progressively darker colours giving me several attempts on the same page to sort out and refine composition and detail.

I ran out of paper developing this one. Continue reading Fyke the Mummy illustration development.

When you stop drawing.

Doodles from way back the nineties when I was a laid back chilled hipster designer – even in the face of imminent high profile immovable deadlines.

I have a drawing habit. I’ve always doodled prolifically – on napkins, backs of envelopes, margins of agendas, reports, coffee lids, whatever.  In discussions and meetings, whether in boardrooms or cafés, no one has ever objected. When the drawing stopped it was a shock. That was when I realised I was seriously ill.

Doodles done on agendas and notepads.
My doodles from late back in the first decade of the new millennium. I’m now working as a visual communications lecturer in the education sector – and still cheery although there are warning signs of frustration such as the legs taking the chopped torso for a walk.

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