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Inktober Week Three.

Hound on the trail banner.

So far 21 ink drawings in 21 days, with only one slip due to a beer and curry night. So to make up, despite the hangover, I did two in one day.

The hungry Dinosaur.

I had not long since watched the latest Jurassic Park movie, again, which is where I suppose the influence for this image comes in. Several fatty treats for the escapee dinosaur.

The fat butcher, cook, pig and an escapee big toothy hungry dinosaur.
Fat. Inktober No. 16.

The Drooling Diver.

The hand made paper I’m using has bits of plant and flowers in it. And it sucks up moisture like toilet paper.

Which on this day was handy as I’m in the habit of holding the spare brush or pencil in my mouth and I was drooling drool down the handle onto the paper, oblivious. No evidence to be seen.

A fat boyfriend in an attempt to show off on the diving board is on his way to a non graceful belly flop into the pool.
Graceful. Inktober No. 17.
Filthy dirty tasty mud pies and the girl who makes them.
Filthy. Inktober No. 18.

The Personal Rain Cloud.

Because of my choice of paper, the brush pen I’m using has been sucked dry. So I switched to using my trusty Bic Biro.

The downside of using a Bic Biro is that the drawing goes brown quite quickly when exposed to daylight over time. Which is a shame because it’s my favourite pen for when I’m out sketching.

A furious child with his very own storm cloud on a sunny beach.
Cloud. Inktober No. 19.

Deep mysterious creatures.

Deep mysterious sea creatures – every single one. In this drawing I used the brush pen, Bic Biro, Staedtler lumocolor and washes.

The genesis of this comes from years ago when I opened the engine hatch on my friends barge and tipped his favourite deck chair into the Oxford canal.

It was in an open area near a lock gate that was also rather deep. So despite fishing about with boating hooks we never recovered it. I will eventually give him a memorial piece of artwork as compensation.

Deep dark mysterious sea creatures including the oblivious child thrashing on the surface.
Deep. Inktober No. 20.

The Angry Genie.

The previous drawing ‘deep’ and this ‘angry’ one were done in the same day to catch up from my day off of beer and curry.

I cannot fathom people who are selfish and cannot empathise with others. Or even remotely see a situation from some one else’s point of view.

They tend to be angry people and in my experience the place most anger comes from is being afraid. Afraid of others, afraid of change, afraid of novelty, afraid of anything different.

It must be like being a zombie. Every day the same, everybody else the same. And if not. Eat their brains and make them like you, the same. Sad.

An angry genie in a bottle. Pent up rage.
Angry. Inktober No. 21.
A hound on the trail of a villain but it will end in tears.
Trail. Inktober No. 22.