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Scanning Images with Apple Notes.

Inktober 2019 week three Legend No 15 section with red cast.

Unwanted Red Reflection.

Scanning my Bic biro Inktober drawings on a flatbed does not work. Because the repeated biro crosshatching is polishing the ink and causing the LEDs in the scanner to reflect in a way that makes black become red. Not a good result. Bugger.

More detail about this, Inktober, and drawing with ball point Bic biro pens at the end of this post.

So scanning my drawings on my flatbed scanner was not working. But I was sure I had a fix. I knew that Apple Notes had a document scanning ability. I’d try that. Continue reading Scanning Images with Apple Notes.

Fyke the Mummy illustration development.

I think the idea of a monster mother plant peering in through the greenhouse windows arrived because I’d just finished watching BBC Scotland’s The Beechgrove Garden before I begun doodling.

details of the initial idea.

From the mad doodles I create I try to make a more considered version starting with a light coloured pencil and move to progressively darker colours giving me several attempts on the same page to sort out and refine composition and detail.

I ran out of paper developing this one. Continue reading Fyke the Mummy illustration development.