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Message in a Bottle.

What do you want to say? Who do you want to tell? Why at all? Hook your reader. Chop out the extraneous. Have you made a Dog’s breakfast of it in the end?

Tidying up my computer recently I found a wee set of web-pages I made in 1995 dedicated to helping people successfully communicate their message through the Internet.

I’ve now re-read them 25 years on and they seem OK to me so here’s a link.

Message in a Bottle.
Notice the revolutionary design of the all in one multi coloured iMac in the bottle.

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Advice for Design Students.

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The advice always given to young writers by professionals is to read – a lot. Then the advice is; learn to recognise good writing and then read consciously so as to understand what the writer is doing and why. And always the technical (grammar, spelling, structure, editing) go hand in hand with the artistic (word choice, plot, dialogue, setting, character).

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