Monthly Archives: December 2017

Frosty Dog Walk.

The last few days have been even colder than previously. We’re at the same latitude as Fort McMurray in Alberta, Riga in Latvia, and Novgorod in Russia. But we have island benefits – which means permafrost is rare.

Grass covered in ice crystals on the dog walk.


Permafrost does happen occasionally though. Years ago when I stayed in a remote cottage we went through a really hard spell of weather with four feet of snow. It stayed that way for a while. Our water supply was from a burn up the hill. The burn froze. Then it froze harder Continue reading Frosty Dog Walk.

End of November Dog Walk.

You know it’s getting very cold when you begin to value having a doggy bag full of hot dog poo on you. Always pick up your dog’s poo.

Dog on the path in the woods.

Some cold autumn photographs from the place where I walk the dog. I’m lucky that all this is only a 15 minute walk from my house in the town. A lifesaver.

Walking the home made bike run.

On wet days I hike through the pine plantation where local kids build and maintain their mountain bike slalom. They’ve been doing that for generations Continue reading End of November Dog Walk.