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Woohoo – Inktober Completed.

Inktober completed.

Woohoo Made it.

Woohoo. Made it. 31 #inktober inks and one yellow frog as a bonus in response to another twitterer (see previous post).

Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy the cat was quite forced. I’d just finished a Scottish Words illustration and it was getting near midnight and I was shattered. But I did it anyway with minutes to spare. The rule I’d made was that I would never be self judgemental and so I just had to get on with it – whether ended up good, poor or indifferent.

Cat about to be hit by multiple rotten tomatoes.
#inktober Juicy No. 23.

Justice be a Lady but men know best. Dear.

The D is for Dotard as opposed to P for the thing that he is supposed to be. You don’t need the American Liberal press to guide you in that judgement. You just have to follow the pronouncements and interviews of the man himself over the years. I’m deeply saddened that people seem to fall for it.

Blind Lady Justice being wheeled into a dark concrete room and being replaced by a man in disguise accepting a bribe.
#inktober Blind No. 24.

Tweet Ships Into the Night.

I love the romance and intricacy of old sailing ships with the amazing technology of ship rigging. How ropes are arranged to transfer the huge power of the wind in the canvas. Anyone who’s hung out a bed sheet or pitched a tent on a windy day knows what I mean by power. But I went for spaceships instead. Easier to draw.

Twitter two dog shuttle craft move between the interstellar egg spaceships of communication.
#inktober Ship No. 25.

Mice in a Cat Orchestra.

As a child I always found the thought of a triangle being part of an orchestra odd.  How could such a simple thing be part of such a sophisticated structure? Which made me think – would mice in a cat orchestra feel the same way?

Mice as a musical instrument in a cat orchestra.
#inktober Squeak No. 26.

Climbing Monkeys.

The old indian rope trick but with monkeys ascending into space. However, the real question is. Why bother with the monkey rope when you are sitting on a flying carpet?

Monkeys tempted by bananas climb the rope and float off to explore space.
#inktober Climb No. 27.

Brain Fall Out.

The falling out brain was inspired by @DrImmySmith who was waiting to see what fell out of her brain for an idea. I sort of had the idea already but the co-incidence when browsing Twitter was too good to pass up.

Brain slides out of the cranium to splat onto the keyboard.
#inktober Fall No. 28.

A Girl and her Dog United.

This was a reworking of an idea I had already used for the Scottish Word untaigled (untangled). Where a dog owner is caught in his huge dog’s lead while, unseen by them, a hare races towards the situation along the narrow viaduct witnessed only (so far) by the commentator.

Girl just glued herself to her huge dog as he spots a running cat.
#inktober United No. 29.

The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndam.

The girl finding a small Octopus in the shallows as its mum ravages giant sailing ships in the deeps beyond is a kind of mash up between John Wyndham’s the Kraken wakes and a recent news story about octopuses, which are usually found at depths of 100 metres, slithering about on Welsh beaches.

The Wyndam story even though it is a 1953 pre-televison era plot, two radio reporters are the main protagonists, does still read well today. And even if you modernise it by updating the radio reporters to Bloggers with smart phones, the story would still be able to retain the same exciting drama and plot.

Media. I’m still getting grief by drawing on stuff that behaves like blotting paper. If I was using dip pens I would have no chance. I’m using a combination of washes along with a Bic Biro, Staedler Lumocolour pens medium, Fine and Super Fine and brushes.

Girl finds Octopus in the shallows as its mum ravages a giant sailing ship in the deeps.
#inktober Found No. 30.

Inverse Halloween (Guising in Scotland) Mask.

Woohoo the final one. I’ve doubled back and used a character I drew for the Inktober prompt shattered who’s visage smashed her hand mirror. I suspect I feel sorry for her. I ‘ve never really been overwhelmed by appearance although I do appreciate a good view.

Witch donning what is in effect a reverse Halloween mask. A beauty.
#inktober Mask No. 31.