Inktober 2019 Week Four.

Woohoo, final week completed. Still drawing using ink scientifically designed to flow through a metal tube measured in microns around a tungsten carbide ball almost as hard as diamond onto the Post-it note without leaking or clogging.

This scientific marvel is known as the Bic ballpoint pen.

Société Bic in France developed the ink and the ballpoint pen patent was licensed from László Bíró a Hungarian-Belgium inventor in Argentina and Bic began manufacture in the 1950s. My favourite pen for sketching since the 70s.

Inktober Prompt 23: Ancient.

Ancient Tortoise being attacked by ambulent lettuces with weapons.

Over the centuries ancient George never ceased to be mystified as to why the local ambulant lettuces hated vegetarians so much. Continue reading Inktober 2019 Week Four.

Inktober 2019 Week Three.

Wild female Tarzan banner for top of page.
Ballpoint pen ink is not light fast. That means that if I leave these drawings in daylight they will fade faster than a water-colour painting in full sun. But as I used to say to my students. “All art eventually ends up as rolls of toilet paper. Don’t worry about it.”

Inktober Prompt 15: Legend.The legend that is Bruce and the spider that wouldn't give up.

The Scottish legend that is Robert the Bruce and the thrawn spider wha widni gie in. White gel ink, black biro and white pencil on purple post-it note. I had to trim Continue reading Inktober 2019 Week Three.

Scanning Images with Apple Notes.

Inktober 2019 week three Legend No 15 section with red cast.

Unwanted Red Reflection.

Scanning my Bic biro Inktober drawings on a flatbed does not work. Because the repeated biro crosshatching is polishing the ink and causing the LEDs in the scanner to reflect in a way that makes black become red. Not a good result. Bugger.

More detail about this, Inktober, and drawing with ball point Bic biro pens at the end of this post.

So scanning my drawings on my flatbed scanner was not working. But I was sure I had a fix. I knew that Apple Notes had a document scanning ability. I’d try that. Continue reading Scanning Images with Apple Notes.

Inktober 2019 Week Two.

Inktober 2018 week two.Week two of Inktober and my rules of engagement are to work with Bic ballpoint pens on small coloured post-it notes that are 75cm (3 inches) square. In addition I use a white ink gel pen and sometimes a touch of coloured pencils.

Inktober prompt 8: Frail.

Mad science woman is a dedicated fan of Opilions (Harvestmen).Dear Arachnophobia type people, be not afraid, these are Harvestmen not Spiders. This science woman loves them. She has tattoos saying I love Opilions. Done in Black and blue Bic biro, white ink gel pen and orange pencil on a pink post-it note. Continue reading Inktober 2019 Week Two.

Inktober 2019 Week One.

Inktober 2019 week one.This year I’ve done inktober with coloured post-it notes, drawn with Bic biros, white ink gel pen and a coloured pencil or two. Constraints like that are a good aid for creativity. The Post-it notes are not very environmentally friendly but since I inherited them it’s better to use them than just bin them.

Inktober prompt 1: Ring.

Student in agony on the toilet pan in shared digs trying to abide by the post-curry toilet regulations.Ring on fire – colour version here for the illustrated Scottish word – rift. Curries this hot with this effect I can only remember from my students days. Continue reading Inktober 2019 Week One.