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The Scottish Word:


Aye! Weel may ye sing o’ the maut, the meikle black deil, an th’ Exciseman.

Ahn while it’s verry guid o ye tae trade sae fairly yer port an brandy for my braw hame made whisky I’ve bad tidings. Nae pun intended.

Exciseman Rabbie Burns, the author o yer sang, is radgin and oan the road – aboot fower oors awa noo.

Ahn if I wiz youz I’d sing for the tide tae come in richt snell or the smiles’ll be oan the ither side o yer faces.

He’s radgin fit tae blaw because the Rosamond fired grape at hissel an’ his dragoons and he’s in the mood o ‘no takin prisoners’.

Guid luck.


maut: malt (see below).

Indeed! Well may you sing of the malt, the big black devil and the Exciseman.

And while it is very good of you to trade so kindly your port and brandy for my best home made whisky I have bad tidings. No pun intended.

Exciseman Robert Burns, the author of your song, is enraged and on his way – he’ll be about four hours away now.

And if I was you I’d sing for the tide to come in right quick or the smile’ll be on the other side of your faces.

He is mad fit to burst because of the Rosamond firing grape-shot at himself and his dragoons and he is in an uncharitable unforgiving mood.

Good luck.

The Scottish Word: maut with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Diel’s awa wi the Exciseman.
By Robert Burns.

The deil cam fiddlin’ thro’ the toun,
And danc’d awa wi’ th’ Exciseman,
And ilka wife cries, “Auld Mahoun,
I wish you luck o’ the prize, man.”

We’ll mak our maut, and we’ll brew our drink,
We’ll laugh, sing, and rejoice, man,
And mony braw thanks to the meikle black deil,
That danc’d awa wi’ th’ Exciseman.

There’s threesome reels, there’s foursome reels,
There’s hornpipes and strathspeys, man,
But the ae best dance ere came to the land
Was-the deil’s awa wi’ the Exciseman.

Chorus-The deil’s awa, the deil’s awa,
The deil’s awa wi’ the Exciseman,
He’s danc’d awa, he’s danc’d awa,
He’s danc’d awa wi’ the Exciseman.

How Home Made Whisky Is Made.

4kg malted barley, 16 Litres of good Scottish water, 40 grams of yeast.

Making Malt.

Soak yer barley grain for a while and then spread it oot evenly on your warm malting floor where it will begin to germinate. You must turn over yer spread of damp grain by hand at carefully timed intervals to ensure even germination. When the germ has reached about twa thirds o the length o yer grain it’s ready.

You now spread yer malted grain in your drying kiln and halt the germination by… Continue reading on How Home Made Whisky is Made on the Stoory Blog here:

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