Inktober – Half Way.

Inktober banner of dracula.

Fifteen days and fifteen ink drawings done. I’ve made it half way.

And sticking with the hand made ‘only slightly better than toilet paper’ paper has paid off. It has given me a real appreciation for the fine control that proper artist’s paper and board  give.

Because this hand made paper doesn’t give, it takes. It sucks the brush dry the minute it touches it. And after a while the page is a fragile sodden mess that needs careful drying over a hot lamp.

Nevertheless bashing out the drawings while not worrying  about the end result and enjoying the experience has been the way. Freedom.

There Was a Crooked Man.

“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house. “

I used this illustration for one of my Scottish words because I discovered the rhyme had a Scottish connection. The Scottish word Sicker. 

Illustration of a crooked man, cat, style, mouse, mile and house.
Crooked #Inktober No. 08.

Little Girls who Squeal.

I am not a fan of little girls who have been allowed to piercingly screech in delight or distress at every little thing that excites them. Isn’t that noise meant to be kept in reserve to stun predators?

Small girl squeeling in a graveyard and causing bats to drop from the sky.
Screech #Inktober No. 09.

Giant Stone Nature Troll.

A reminder of how small and insignificant we are in relation to Nature if she decides to kick off.  Especially with the remnants of a hurricane heading towards the UK this afternoon, bringing the worst winds for 35years.

If Nature is indeed a living being then I’m in no doubt that we are pissing her off big time.

A gigantic stone nature troll awoken by man's insensitivity to nature.
Gigantic #Inktober No. 10.

The talking Bear Joke.

There is an ad on TV in the UK now for a wee lad that’s brave enough to ask for his ball back. It inspired this idea along with the old jokes about a talking animal.

“Two bears, George and Mildred are standing at a bar enjoying a pint and a chat and in walks a horse who strolls up to the bartender and orders a gin and tonic and two pickled eggs. The second bear turns to the first bear and says ‘Good grief George look at at that. A talking horse!'”.

A bear with a sore head screaming run at footballer's who have put a ball through his window.
Run #Inktober No. 11.

The Green Goddess Dreams.

I’m stunned by how much we can deceive ourselves and others and really believe it all, having had depression. Body image is the least of it and that’s saying something when anorexia is such a killer. Never judge others.

A 'green goddess' wicca lady shatters her hand mirror while applying makeup.
Shattered #Inktober No. 12.


Cut Back on the Breeding Programmes Igor.

Not only has Igor been breeding bats that teem through the belfry but he’s been breeding flies to feed them, which is a problem in itself, because bats eat midges not flies.

I scanned this one wet. It was a bugger to clean the glass.

Count dracula askes igor to cut back on his bat breeding programme amongst hordes of bats as thick as flies.
Teeming #Inktober No. 13.

School Dinner Ladies.

I was at school in the 50’s and 60’s and the dinner ladies of the time were much like this. My mates mum was our dinner lady at our primary school. And in cold winters we would just get our fifteen foot long icy death slide just to the right state of sheer deadly perfection and out she would come with the salt to melt the ice. No one ever even mumbled a complaint.

School dinner ladies of the 50's and 60's were as fierce as the meals were awful.
Fierce #Inktober No. 14.

The Mysterious Tail Eating Silver Python.

Don’t ask, I’ve no idea. You should see some of my doodles they’re worse.

The mysterious tail swallowing python surrounds the tree of life with a pelican in the branches.
Mysterious #Inktober No. 15.

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