Asian man fishing disguised as a gnome at a house dug into a cliff.
The Scottish Word:


It taks me oors tae walk in here tae deliver yer mail Sharma ahn there ye sit daein nithin, no even offerin me a cup o tea or a drink o yer ginger.

And whits mair the-day yer dressed as a Gnome.

Yesterday it wiz a Dwarf, the day afore that a Hobbit an the week afore that a Trow.

I ken a few folk o that ilk and while they may live in the grund like you ye irni een.

So what’s yer gemme Sharma? We’ve bin pals since scuil.

The Republic Mail is no tae be messed with. Oors it taks me tae bring yer letters.


oors: hours

It takes me hours to walk in here to deliver your mail Sharma and there you sit doing nothing. Not even offering me a cup of tea or a drink of your fizzy juice.

And what’s more today you are dressed as a Gnome.

Yesterday it was a Dwarf, the day previous it was a Hobit and the week before that a Troll.

I know a few folk of that family and while they may live in the ground like you, you are not one.

So what are you playing at Sharma? We’ve been friends since school.

The Republic Mail is not to be trifled with. Hours it takes me to bring your letters.

The Scottish Word: oors with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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