A mole chatting to the barman over two pints in a dark subterranean bar.
The Scottish Word:


I mind when this wiz packed fu o young moles wi their een skinklin frae the hunners o candle lanterns lining the mirrored waws. Happy days.

Jiggin in the flichterin licht tae the disco beat, fu o wirms an lauchter.

Whaur are they noo?

Aw deid maistly doon tae industrial scale ferming.

An them that survived that got taen by the climate change stervation alang wi aw the fermers.


skinkle: glitter, sparkle

I remember when this was packed full of young moles with their eyes sparkling from the hundreds of candle lanterns lining the mirrored walls. Happy days.

Dancing in the flickering light to the disco beat, full of worms and laughter.

Where are they now?

All dead mostly down to industrial scale farming.

An those that survived that got taken by the climate change starvation along with all the farmers.

The Scottish Word: skinkle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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