A copper whisky still, fires burning, in the remote Scottish highlands built from a cruck frame and turf roof.
The Scottish Word:


Yon jug’s his preferred recipe. He maks it fae the pot beer oot o the still ahn adds a guid helpin o foreshot tae shairpen the taste tae his liking.

Ah dinni grudge it, he’s bin blin frae birth oniewye. Ahn it disni cost me a groat in the quality o mha whisky.

He sez it maks him fit fur the nicht watch ahn helps him sleep.

During the day like.


foreshot: heads, the first output of the most volatile alcohol that comes from the second distillation. You can read my explanation of home made whisky making here.

It is his preferred recipe that he has in that jug. He makes it from the pot beer out of the still and adds a good bit of foreshot to sharpen the taste to his liking.

I don’t grudge it at all, he’s been blind from birth anyway. And it doesn’t cost me a penny in the quality of my whisky.

He says it makes him fit for the night watch and helps him sleep.

During the day, I mean.

The Scottish Word: foreshot with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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  1. Hi, A’m aigin’ thro’ yer sitie.
    Hoos aoot a daidlie, or ee’n a scodgie, prentet wi fu’ fillibeg, sporran, dirk, an a’?
    Or a pugree fer yer Weegie Sikhs? – but mebee no a big catchment area there.
    Wash-clouts ‘r ayeweys in deman’.
    Or a Cutty Sark (T shirt) in creeshie flannen?
    Or soumin’ duds?
    Or Tammie Shanter heid screens?
    The warld’s yer oxter!

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