Interior of Scottish chip shop where food bought is retrieved through a cat flap.
The Scottish Word:


Diz yer weeyin want saut n veenegar wi his supper?

Ahn what aboot a pickled egg half price, as they’re a wee bit green?


saut: salt.

Does your small child want salt and vinegar with his fish and chip supper?

And what about a pickled egg at half price, as they are a little green in colour?

The Scottish Word: saut with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Global Pandemic.

We wear masks and avoid enclosed spaces to keep ourselves and others safe. We stay home, we don’t visit friends and relatives.

Stress and Depression.

All this isolation depresses some, others welcome it. Whichever way you or I respond all these new ways are wearing on us all to some degree.

A Great Mental Health Handbook.

This Free booklet will inform and help you with How to Stay Calm in a Global Pandemic by Dr Emma Hepburn (Published by Hachette.)
How to stay calm in a global pandemic by Dr. Emma Hepburn.

Dr Hepburn communicates easily about the mental issues that may affect us without being scholastic and she draws witty and informative illustrations to back it up.

As someone who has gone through serious depression I feel I have scars enough to be able to thoroughly recommend it.

Not Just for the Middle of The Pandemic.

We can be fine and cheery throughout all the stress and strain but some of us, surprisingly, can slump into being sad rather than joyful when all that stress is removed. The booklet covers that too.

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