Prisoners don't know they are in giant thumb operated portable juicers on a gigantic supermarket shelf - but they will if they can manage to read the instructions on the outside.
The Scottish Word:

Mak oot.

“Can ye mak oot what the scrievins oan the wa’ o the giant’s jile sez wi yer wee mirror yet?”


mak oot: decipher, make out, comprehend.

“Can you make out what the writings on the wall of the giant’s jail says with your small mirror yet?”

mak ut
The Scottish Word: mak oot with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Illustration Friday. fluid.

I used to watch the land of the giants on TV.

Before CGI when they had to actually build the gigantic props, or ar least parts of them.

I think I first saw this type of juicer in the film Dune.


2 thoughts on “Mak oot.

  1. Being’s juice. Everyone knows bein’ juice is full of fibre.

    While I was drawing this my brain was imagining the marketing ploys and graphics the giants might use to increase their sales. I also started wondering how they harvest or produce their product and whether it was sustainable. Is it an up market product or for general sale?

    I didn’t have time to develop those thoughts but I might explore them in future illustrations.

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