Getting one's clones to do one's bidding via blue tooth to meet the deadline via simultaneous multi multi tasking.
The Scottish Word:


"Creativity. Ye dinni argie wi the client in this day an age – or ivir. Ye deliver, even if ye huv tae dae awthin a by yersel"


argie: argue, dispute.

"Creativity. You do not contradict the client in this day and age – or ever. You deliver, even if you have to do everything all by yourself."


Illustration Friday. capable.

Design is problem solving using a multitude of skills rather than just making something look good.

And, in modesty, we should not forget that all art and design eventually, in time, becomes toilet roll.

1 thought on “Argie.

  1. Haha, eww? This is really a cute and funny scene, and so much going on! Haha nice toilet roll. And hey! For once I remembered that the left sidebar goes with the image! 🙂

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