A critical putt interrupted by a giant pop up, out of the green, of a big scientist's head.
The Scottish Word:


“Hoi! Mind yer heid we’re gowfin here.”


gowf: golf.

“Hoi! Mind your head we are golfing here.”

[gowf spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday. Hatch.

Golf is an old game but Scots lay claim to adding the hole and playing it on machair the precursor of modern courses world wide with its short grass and sand traps. It was so popular that it was banned in 1452 in favour of archery practice – required for military service. The law, despite being mostly ignore, was not repealed in Scotland until 1502. You can read more authorative golf history here.

A friend of mine has designed some golf history books, the first being about Tom Morris.

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