Diver in a clumsy articulated suit with large metal helmet getting nose scratched through a side hatch but being poked in the eye instead.
The Scottish Word:


Hud yer heid still Clarice, so’s ah can scrat yer yeukit neb!

Gettin powtert in the ee is yer ain faut if’n ye fidge ‘n fyke!

There’s yir ee agin. Hud yer neb still ah tell ye!


yeuk, youk, heuk: To itch, feel ticklish or itchy.

Hold your head still Clarice, so I can scratch your itchy nose.

Getting poked repeatedly in the eye is your own fault if you fidget and twitch!

That’s your eye again. Hold your nose still I’m telling you!

The Scottish Word: yeuk with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

What the diver is thinking is summed up in the Scots’ phrase “I’ll gar ye claw whaur ane yeuks na.” which translates as: I’ll cause you to rue your abominable conduct – as she reaches for a baseball bat. Literally: I’ll make you scratch where one does not itch.

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