Small green person with pointed teeth a spiked fin along its back and striped swimming shorts startles a couple eating ice cream on the beach as it marches towards the water.
The Scottish Word:


What wi the ice shelfs breakin mair n mair an meltin skelpin awa garin the sea tae grow mair n mair tae lipper gey near the limit o oor fleet dykes alang wi mair n mair rain mair n mair affen.

Noo we’re seein mair n mair o these wee green craiters aboot.

Dae ye think they’re getting ready tae move in? Could climate change be real?


lipper, lippir: ruffled water, almost overflowing, leper, to lap up.

What with the ice shelves breaking more and more and the melting speeding out of control forcing the sea to rise more and more brimming far too close to the limit of our flood walls along with more and more rain more and more often.

Now we’re seeing more and more of these small green creatures about.

Do you think they’re getting ready to move in? Could climate change be real?

The Scottish Word: lipper with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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