Two customers at a metal table under a cloud of dark smutty smoke from the chef frying something on gas that looks red hot.
The Scottish Word:


He’s a cuik tae be reckoned wi.

Nae blitterie biled farin here. Bruckle scowdered reekin spicy divots tae nip ‘n birsle the mou an mak the een weep is the wye ahn ye need a cast iron thrapple tae get it doon. Braw.

We’ll no speak o it comin oot agin the morn. That’s a trial in itsel.


birsle, birsel, birstle, birssle, brizzle: To broil, to scorch.

The Scottish Word: birsle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

He’s a cook to be reckoned with.

No thin watery mess of boiled food here. Crumbly scorched smoking spicy lumps to prick and sear the mouth and make the eyes weep is the way. And you need a cast iron throat to get it down. Splendid.

We’ll not speak of it coming out again the next day. That’s a trial in itself.

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