This is in the spirit of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - The spirits of two artists and a capitalist look on as their physical entities interact.
The Scottish Word:


[This is in the spirit of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.]

The Capitalist and Politician. “Business is awfie awfie stottin bigly. Muckle. It maks us great, like massel.

Art’s no sae awfie great. I divna ken but that’s what folk are sclaven tae me.

Smairt folk. Richt beezer folk. Smairt like massel.

We dinnni need art. Nae profit. Total bucker. Its mair business we need ken.

Muckle muckle profits. So important. It’ll be beezer. Huge.

Youz so called artists are muckle bigly naebuddys. Wally-draigs.

You winni mak us great like fit we dae. Chiels like massel. Beezer chiels believe me. Smairt chiels. You’ve nae idea.”


wallydrag, wallydraig: a good for nothing.

The Capitalist. “Business is really really amazingly bigly. Huge. It makes us great, like me.

Art is not so very very great. I don’t know but that is what people are telling me.

Smart people. Very very smart people. Smart like me.

We don’t need art. No profit. Total aimless fuss. We need more business believe me.

Tremendous tremendous profits. So important. It’ll be great. Huge.

You so called artists are a very bigly waste of space. Losers.

You won’t make us great like we do. People like myself. Amazing people believe me. Smart people. You have no idea.”

The Scottish Word: wally-draig with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Not a waste of space.

Just to be clear. Art is not a waste of space.

Art and design permeates the fabric of everything we do. What we wear. The places we live and work. They make devices we use a pleasure. They make communication flow and travel. They work an atmosphere to calm the mind and ease the body.

Everything from the choice of paper, the type and colours, to warning signs, to how well an iron irons and fits in the hand. The ads that sell your products, films, comics, books, the web and music.

From the ring in your ear to the tattoo on your boyfriend.

The Artists.

The two artists with fully formed wings and no baggage are William Powell Frith who has been described as the “greatest British painter of the social scene since Hogarth” and Charles Dickens who should need no introduction.

The Unrestrained Capitalist Politician.

The third person with the severely stunted wings and tons of baggage destined to drag him down you can work out, but is a culmination of all corrupt and short sighted politicians.

Perhaps Johnson?

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