The rocket, 'Man's Last Hope', is their only chance - at the top of eight flights of stairs - to escape the very rapidly growing man eating brambles.
The Scottish Word:


"Yiv forgot the stairter key, it’ll no stairt wi-oot it."


stert, stairt: start.

"You have forgotten the ignition key, it will not start without it."


Illustration Friday. journey.

Sorry if it’s a bit ageist.

But with limited room and a new population to start wisdom might go out the door.

Besides age is no guarantee of wisdom.

With UK equality legislation what happens to a business when times are hard and it’s much much safer and easier to lay off people who are not taking regular extended time off claiming to be ill?

Up until the desperate gamble of a discrimination tribunal is worth it when the business is about to fail.

Legislation is definitely required to protect employees but when does it become a danger to other employees?


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