Travelling cobbler with his cart and horse fixing a hovering troll's boots.
The Scottish Word:


Ah’m a guild accredited souter ye ken, there’s no need tae hing aboot getting in a flap.

I’ve un-dented yer siller toecaps, re-soled, generally repaired, and pit in extra heavy tacks, siller inaw.

Whit have ye been daein wi yir bits oniewye. Giein Werewolves a kicking?

Noo awa you fly an busy yersel til I’m done. I’ll mak a guid job.


souter, soutar, soutor, soutter: cobbler, a shoemaker.

I’m a guild accredited cobbler you know, there is no need to hang about getting yourself into a flap.

I have un-dented your silver toecaps, re-soled, generally repaired, and put in extra heavy tacks, silver as well.

What have you been doing with your boots anyway. Giving Werewolves a kicking?

Now away you fly and busy yourself until I’m finished. I’ll make a good job.

The Scottish Word: souter with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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