Patient being spooned medicine by tiny NHS helpers.
The Scottish Word:


Them wee peerie folk are all ye get free on the NHS in England noo but they’re why yer faither swallies his medicine.

Cos they’re sae peerie he thinks he’s deleerit ahn the medicine isnie real so he taks it. Otherwyse the medicine’d be wasted.

Ahn what wi the cost o it nooadays. Ahn forby cos o the demands o the shareholders I ken they’ve pit a 400% markup oan tap too.

He wiz a big anti-vaxer in his day anaw but I wiled him likewise intae bein vaccinated – and boosted – as weel, back then, the coof that he is.


peerie: small, tiny, minuscule, a tiny creature.

These small tiny folk are all you get free on the NHS in England now but they are why your father swallows his medicine.

Because the are so minuscule he thinks he’s delirious and the medicine is not real so he takes it. Otherwise the medicine would be wasted.

And what with the cost of it nowadays. And besides I know that because of the demands of the shareholders they’ve put a 400% markup on top too.

He was a big anti-vaxer in his day also but I beguiled him along the same lines into being vaccinated – and boosted – as well, back then, the idiot that he is.

The Scottish Word: peerie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


Beware the lies of creative accountants. They will tell you that a National Health Service is expensive and claim it is money we can ill afford.

What they never add into the balance book is the wealth generated by having a healthy population. It’s invisible if you don’t look and think about it.


The same applies to education. They say – look at the cost of it.

Well. Just think about what the cost of unthinking ignorance would be instead. It’s bad enough as it is. Imagine an even bigger poorly educated unthinking population and then imagine a country full of educated informed thinking people.


This is a good example of thinking, and shunning ignorance, on the cost of the BBC. Where normally that cost is presented as simple and bad – to get you hot and bothered.

If you don’t pause to think.

A skill worth strengthening.

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