Two Iguana archaeological academics up to their waist in tropical water and water-lilies surrounded by numerous types of insects are examining and discussing a bleached human skull from their collection.
The Scottish Word:


Aye we’re still howkin oot remains o this ancient race frae the deep auld oxygen sterved sypes and sleeks.

We find maist in their cuboid coral like structures whaur they seemed tae be makin a knotless attempt tae isolate theresels frae the natural warld.

The race died oot when oor planet shook itsel oot o it’s cauld period ahn intae this cosy paradise.


sleek: mud or sludge deposited by water.

Yep, we’re still extracting remains of this ancient race from the deep old oxygen starved ooze and sludge.

We find most in their cuboid coral like structures where they seemed to be making a futile attempt at isolation from the natural world.

The race died out when our planet shook itself out of it’s cold period and became this cosy paradise

The Scottish Word: sleek with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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