A spoiled small girl causing bats to drop out of the sky with her screeching.
The Scottish Word:


Nou mah wee petal there’s nae need tae skreich on so.

Here’s a lolly for ye ahn a’ll gi ye anither when we’re hame.

Wi dinni want yer bonnie wee dulcet toned singin voice spoiled do we.


skreich, skreik, skreegh, skreigh, skreek, screek: screech, a high pitched squeal, cry or scream.

Now my little flower there is no need to screech on so.

Here is a lollypop for you and I will give you another when we are home.

We do not want your lovely dulcet toned singing voice spoiled do we?

The Scottish Word: skreich with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Predator Stun.

I am not a fan of little girls who piercingly screech in delight or distress at every little thing that excites them.

Or use it to cow their parents.

Isn’t it a noise that should be reserved to stun dangerous predators?

Rather than squandered in idle excitement?

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