Cutaway drawing of a burial mound showing skeleton in beaker beside a mole practicing on the piano.
The Scottish Word:


Ah ken we’re fond o this lee slope o the sithean fur winchin.

But kin you no hear that discordant fairy tinklin?

Ahn diz it no gie ye the grue?


sithean: artificial mound or small hill; a prehistoric burial place or barrow, in the Highlands associated with a dwelling- or meeting-place of the fairies.

I know we like this sheltered slope of the barrow for courting.

But can you not hear that discordant fairy tinkling?

And does it not instill anxiety and dread?

The Scottish Word: sithean with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


For anyone not familiar with the convention. A cutaway is where an object is sliced through and the surface area taken away so that the drawing shows the interior that would otherwise be hidden.

My childhood was spent poring over the Eagle comic where every week there was a fantastic full page cutaway drawing of a plane, train or spaceship. Happy days. Top artwork all round.

Eagle comic cutaway drawing of the sports car 'The Testa Rossa'.
Cutaway Artwork by Hans Jenssen.

Technical illustrators dot org have an interview here with Hans Jenssen. Who did a great deal of work on cutaway drawings of Star Wars’ vehicles.

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