Traditional traveler camping in the fields sending his youngest to get some water from the stream.
The Scottish Word:


This parritch’s o’er thick awa tae thon clean burn an get a skellet o guid clean water.

An why would it no be clean. Aw burns shuid be clean – that’s right is it no.

It’d be feckless tae alloo the maist basic neccessity o aw life tae be siled. Feckless!

Oothooses, middens, an yir byres an septic-stanks seepin oot intae watter is no tae be contemplated son. Yet maist o them that love tae grasp mair n mair siller wid brak the laws o nature wi glee.

Wi glee son! Wi glee.

Some care nithin for the social contract. Lauch at it. Lauch! Squeeze the warld til it’s deein aw tae bleed the last drap o gowd, grasped at even while they themsels dee.

Grinnin in their pushionous unkennin. Grinnin son. Grinnin.

An if oorsels fail tae fecht the feckless, menseless, hame-drauchtit, vandalistic, sneisterish, felonius, graspers we’ll hae nowhere fit tae live an no food tae pit on the table. Leavin them that grasp mair an mair siller and wi that pouer too – for tae dae waur. Think on son! Think on.

Keech an pish floatin in the burn. The thoucht! Ach I doot even the worst siller graspers wid go that far son.

But mind tae get the baggies an skeeters an sic like oot o oor skellet afore ye bring it back.


skellet: a tin water scoop; also a skillit.

This porridge is too thick away to that clean burn over their and get a tin scoop of good clean water.

An why would it not be clean. All streams should be clean. That’s proper is it not.

It’d be criminally incompetent to allow the most basic necessity of all life to be soiled. Criminally incompetent

Outhouses, domestic waste pits,  and your cattle shed and septic-tanks seeping out into water is not to be contemplated. Yet there’s too many out of love of continually getting richer would break the laws of nature with glee son.

With glee son! With glee.

Some care nothing for the social contract. Laugh at it. Laugh! Squeeze the world til it’s dying – all to bleed the last drop of riches, grasped at even while they themselves die.

Grinning in their noxious ignorance. Grinning son. Grinning.

And if we ourselves fail to stand against the criminally incompetent, ignorant, selfish, vandalistic, contemptuous, felonious graspers we’ll have nowhere fit to live and no food to put on the table. Leaving those that steal more and more wealth and with that power too – to do even worse. Think on son! Think on.

Excrement and urine floating in the streams. The thought! But! I doubt even the worst lover of ever increasing wealth would go that far son.

But don’t forget to get the minnows and pond-skaters and such like out of our tin scoop  before you bring it back.

The Scottish Word: skellet with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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