Person in extreme protective clothing tackling a potentially lethal weed.
The Scottish Word:


Tak care Pettigrew it’s mittled monie a weel protected agronomist ahn hardy nochtie arboriculturalist chiel mair than ye ken.

Ahn we’ve got their bluid oer here tae prove it.

Dae it doon ahn gie it a guid sairin.

Ahn then gie it some mair cos it grows like stink even when ye think it’s done ahn gone.

Guid luck.


mittle, mittal: injure, do bodily harm to, maul, mutilate

Take care Pettigrew it’s mauled many a well protected agronomist and tough persistent arboriculturalist youth than you know.

And we have their blood over here to prove it.

Demolish it with prejudice and give it plenty of it.

And then give it some more because it grows unbelievably fast even when you think it is done and gone.

Good luck.

The Scottish Word: mittle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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