Adults seriously monopolising a child's toy billiard table.
The Scottish Word:


Canni noo, canni, dinni be jooglin the stick, steady, steady.

Tak a meenit, tak a meenit, chap it neat noo.

Ye get this richt ye’ve won.

Get it wrang wi yir cue baw fawin doon the holey efter ma cue baw ah’ll hae won.

Nae pressure like.


joogle, jougle: joggle, shake, juggle

Careful now, careful, do not joggle the stick, steady steady.

take a minute, take a minute, tap it neatly now.

If you get this right you have won.

If you get it wrong with your cue ball falling into the pocket after my cue ball, I will have won.

No pressure then.

The Scottish Word: joogle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

English Billiards

English billiards is a game with three balls. Two white and one red. The players have a cue ball each, both of them white but one with a black dot.

Points are scored by potting the red or your opponents cue ball. More points can be scored by cannoning off one ball into another.

The winner is the first to reach an agreed previous total or have the most points when the time allocated for a game is up.

The best score to be achieved in any one shot is cannoning off the red ball into your opponents cue ball while potting them both. It is a game of strategy.

My landlord of years ago had a full size snooker table in his farmhouse. He taught me to play this game. Alas the above is all that I remember of the rules. All the fine detail is forgotten. And what I do remember might not be strictly accurate.

Uncles at Christmas

Who hasn’t experienced this? Visiting uncles taking over the toys on Christmas morning under the pretext of showing the kids how it’s done.

This is what made me do this drawing in the first place, it’s quite old now. Brothers in law staying with us over Christmas when the kids were small.

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    1. it fits, teem or toom and also jaikit can be for coat. There’s trooshlach: a worthless person? Ceepher, Niffnaff or Orishon: a person of no significance.

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