Hairy monster post man in a dystopian landscape showing unfortunate apprentice his most difficult delivery challenge yet.
The Scottish Word:


Watch the razor letter boxes doon there, they’ll hae yer fingers aff at the knockles wi-oot care, even’f ye were rackle-haunded like massel.

But first ye hae tae drap doon avoiding the shairp stalagmites, lowp o’er the twa lava streams and avoid the eicht heided fire breathin dug ahent the yett.

It’s number fower The Glens.

If ye deliver tae that address wi-oot injury, my prentice, ye’ll automatically be a postie first class and ye’ll get the badge.

Nae question.


knockle, nockle: knuckle

Watch the razor letter boxes down there, they’ll have your fingers off at the knuckles without care, even if you had strong hands like myself.

But first you have to drop down avoiding the sharp stalagmites, leap over the two lava streams and avoid the eight headed fire breathing dog behind the gate.

It’s number four, The Glens.

If you deliver to that address without injury, my apprentice, you will automatically become a postman first class and get the badge.

No question.

The Scottish Word: Knockle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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