Young pupils out of their boxes in a pile of squabbling bodies being sprayed by anti viral mist by the teaching assistant.
The Scottish Word:


Whits aw this stramash steerin up the stour o the tar o the playgroond fur.

Whit are ye aw oot o yer boxes fur, Wha stairted it?

Hae ye forgotten aw o yer social distancin trainin?

Mind what we teach ye! Stey apert. Nae runnin. Nae huggin. Nae playin. Nae gobbin. Nae sharin yer last grannie-sooker oot atween awbody in the class. Totally tak-in the version o History we tell ye. And ayewis dae whit yer telt by them that tell ye they’re yer high heid yins ahn chief bottle washers. Nae matter what.

Back in your boxes people. Back in your boxes.


stramash: uproar, anarchy, to create a disturbance.

What is all this anarchy on the playground floor stirring up the dust of the tarmacadam for.

What are you doing out of your boxes, who started it?

Have you forgotten all of your social distancing training.

Remember your teachings. Stay apart. No running. No hugging. No playing. No spitting. No sharing your grannies last sucking sweet between everyone. Totally believe the history we teach you. And always obey those who say they are your betters. No matter what.

Back in your boxes people. Back in your boxes.

The Scottish Word: Stramash with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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