Two single person craft with one external suckered hanger on speeding through space leaving a colourful trail against a field of stars.
The Scottish Word:


Yin o yer feersum ingines is blawin sparks ahn leavin a trail like it’s a firework.

Ahn ma wee green pal hingin oan here, who happens tae be an ingineer, is tellin me what’s likely if ye dinni shut it aff:

Tap o her list is that it’ll blow yer erse through all the multi dimension ahn ye’ll end up non existent in all parallel universes includin this yin.

At worst it’ll attract Klingoans.

At best Dr Who.


ingine: engine.

One of your fearsome engines is blowing sparks and leaving a trail like it is a firework.

And my small green friend hanging on here, who happens to be an engineer, is informing me what is likely if you do not shut it off:

Top of her list is that it will blow your backside through all the multi dimensions and you’ll end up non existent in all parallel universes including this one.

At worst it will attract Klingons.

At best Dr Who.

The Scottish Word: ingine with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Ian M. Banks.

I am at the time of writing, working my way through the books of the late great Ian M. Banks. One of the best Science Fiction authors of his time. Also an award winning author in the mainstream as well.

For all Scottish speakers, and anybody else too who likes SF I recommend his book Feersum Endjinn.

Not only is it a great read with a fantastically imagined world but one of the dialects used in that world is to all intents and purposes Scots.

And in the end it is indeed about a fearsome engine.

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