The Scottish Word:


Noo grannie McFearty o the Hurcheons o Dimwittie please dinni flee into a fyke cos yer tass o tea’s on the cuil side – no heated tae bilin het sic as ye like it.

Ye ken hoo ye aye row intae a bool at onie sudden soond.

On yer last veesit when Brock chapped at the door ye burnt yer belly an ye hud tae gang straucht tae the doctor.

We’re no wantin that agin are we?


hurcheon: hedgehog.

Now granny McFearty of the Hedgehogs of Dimwittie please don’t fly into a fuss over your cup of tea being on the cool side – not heated to boiling hot the way you like it.

You know how you roll into a ball at any sudden sound.

On your last visit when Badger knocked at the door you burnt your belly and had to go straight to the doctor.

We are not wanting that again are we?

The Scottish Word: hurcheon with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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