Grandad owl skips out of his wheelchair at the site of his grand niece dancing with bare legs. A rarity in owl society.
The Scottish Word:


Maw! Granpaw hoolet’s oot o his chair an hoochin at grand-niece Elsie.

I kent knees up mither broon wid be ower much for him.

Mind you – he’s no seen a hoolet’s knee since the millennium celebrations.


hooch, heuch, hough: An exclamation of excitement or exhilaration, often uttered during a Highland reel, a shout of applause, hurrah!

Maw! Grandad owl’s out of his wheelchair and exclaiming at grand-niece Elsie.

I knew that knees up mother brown would be too much for him.

Mind you – he’s not seen an owl’s knee since the millennium celebrations.

The Scottish Word: hooch with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Owls’ Legs and Knees.

Owls look like they’ve got stumpy legs but if you lift their feathers without getting a finger bit off their legs are surprisingly long. And strong.

Often equal in length to their body.

And yes they do have knees. But they bend the other way to us.

So my drawing is incorrect – but right for my intention. Artistic license.

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