Father and baby otter sea fishing near rocks in the middle of the night in bright twilight.
The Scottish Word:

Simmer Dim.

Weel da, I’m namin this wee tiddler Baldur twa fin an settin him go in celebration o da simmer dim.

We’ve fed weel the nicht so shuid be graitfu, and show it, no?


simmer dim: the all night twilight of a Shetland summer evening – or Orkney.

Well dad, I am naming this little fish Baldur two fin and setting him free in celebration of this all night twilight.

We have fed well this evening so should be grateful, and show it, should we not?

′sɪmər dɪm
The Scottish Word: simmer dim with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Simmer Dim.

Simmer dim is the time around the summer solstice which, in the north is usually the 21st of June. The longest day of the year.

A time in Shetland when the sun only just dips below the horizon for an hour or two. A time of long summer nights and bright skies that illuminate the evenings from mid-May until mid-July.

You have to travel over 400 miles north of Shetland to the Arctic Circle to get the days where the midsummer sun doesn’t set at all, the lands of the midnight sun.

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