European attempting to restore damaged and eroded coast lines.
The Scottish Word:


“Aye ah can see yer in the glaur plantin mangroves tae restaur the environment and gaird agin the effecks o changin sea levels and as a penance for imperialism but ah still need tae tak a swatch at yer passport an visa – NOO. Wiv a global war oan agin terrorism ye ken.”


glaur: soft sticky mud, ooze.

“Yes I can see you’re in the mud propagating mangrove trees to restore the environment and to mitigate against the effects of sea levels rising and as a penance for imperialism but I still need to see your passport and visa – NOW. We do have a global war going on against terrorism you know.”

[glaur spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

Illustration Friday. propagate.

The majority of campaigns fail.

This is due to not looking into the history of what caused the problem in the first place and if that same cause is still there.

Another obstacle is not winning the hearts and minds of the local population and ensuring that they can see that there are sustainable benefits to be had from the campaign, both environmentally and financially.

Success is better if they are well informed and have the power themselves to fix, manage and control their own situation directly.

The best locations are on gently sloping hill bottoms that are above mean sea level and flooded by the tides less than one-third of the time.

More information on ways to ensure successful mangrove restoration campaigns can be found here.

Also American mangrove secrets here.

I wonder what the benefits would be if we funded a global war on poverty that matched the funding of the global war on terror?

The Scottish Word: glaur with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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  1. Commenting on your comment, Little boxes, little boxes…made out of ticky tacky… written by Malvena Reynolds and made famous by Pete Seegar and Peter Paul and Mary, (my husband’s good at trivia). That was what was playing in my head when I did my piece! Very intuitive of you.
    Also, I’ve met crabs like those on the beach and I always thought they wanted to fight me, not surrender.

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