Man with whisky giving a dog crowdie and oatcake.
The Scottish Word:


No I’m no gien mha whisky tae the dug. The thoucht!

That’d be daft. An’ cruel.

He’s getting his Hogmanay treat o a bittie oatcake wi dods o some crowdie.

Made frae the donations o Elsie mha pet coo there.


crowdie: a soft white cheese made from cows milk. As far back as the Picts.

No I am not giving my whisky to the dog. The idea!

That would be stupid and cruel.

He is getting his new year’s eve treat of some oatcake and lumps of traditional Scottish cheese.

Made from the donations of Elsie my pet cow there.

The Scottish Word: crowdie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.


“Made at one time by every crofter in the Highlands, crowdie involved souring fresh milk by a warm fire or sunny windowsill, then cooking gently until it curdled. Once separated, the whey was drained then salt and cream added to the curds, making a crumbly white cheese.…”

“…The Pictish version would have been firmer and saltier, pressed into crocks and covered with melted butter, to make a longer lasting cheese.” More information on the cheese and where you might get it in this article on The who collate information on events and entertainment and are based in Edinburgh.

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