Two Teds getting straight and oiling up.
The Scottish Word:


“Hey man ye should straik yir barnet wi this skoosh, it’s nae sae creishy like ahn winni clag yer kame.”


creish: grease.

“Hey man you should comb up your hair using this aerosol, it is not so greasy in its manner and will not clog your comb.”

[creish spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]


1 thought on “Creish.

  1. Came to your definition via this: “There he sat, a muckle fat, white hash of a man like creish, wi’ a kind of a holy smile that gart me scunner. ”
    (Stevenson, Robert Louis (2011-03-30). Catriona (p. 232). . Kindle Edition.)

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