Two Teds getting straight and oiling up.
The Scottish Word:


“Hey man ye should straik yir barnet wi this skoosh, it’s nae sae creishy like ahn winni clag yer kame.”


creish: grease.

“Hey man you should comb up your hair using this aerosol, it is not so greasy in its manner and will not clog your comb.”

[creish spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

The Scottish Word: creish with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

One thought on “Creish.

  1. Came to your definition via this: “There he sat, a muckle fat, white hash of a man like creish, wi’ a kind of a holy smile that gart me scunner. ”
    (Stevenson, Robert Louis (2011-03-30). Catriona (p. 232). . Kindle Edition.)

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