A knot of frogs at a free lunch hanging on the words of the Maître d', a Heron, not realising the menu consists of frogs.
The Scottish Word:


“Noo hud yer wheesht fur a minute my fine bowsie able lookin puddocks and puddockesses, and I will read tae yez what I huv written oan the menu here.”


bowsie: big, fat, corpulent, puffed up.

“Now be silent for a minute my fine fat healthy looking frogs and froglettes and I will read to you what I have written on this menu.”

The Scottish Word: bowsie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Illustration Friday. vocal.

Clamouring to be eaten perhaps.

5 thoughts on “Bowsie.

  1. Brilliantly well observed as always. You’re able to catch the essence of everything with such a light touch, Alan. What about a book on this ‘nature’ theme? I just saw a Buzzard being mobbed by Jackdaws. The aerobatics were amazing and you can just imagine the conversation!

  2. Love how the frogs are all one blob of green separating into individuals with unique faces and expressions only on closer reading. I wonder which smarty got the first ticket and told all the others about the ‘deal’?

  3. Thank you for that. The one nearest the beak is my favourite. The expressions almost come out of my pen unbidden. It’s my habit of people watching I think.

  4. Oh dear, hilarious yet cruel. I fear some of the looks on the frog faces suggest the reason for their assembly is slowing dawning on them. I feel bad for the frogs but it’s a great scene. Really nicely done heron and colony of frogs.

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