Girls dismayed at what a disreputable boy is about to do.
The Scottish Word:


“Awww Nawww yir no gonna eat that bogie are ye!?”


bogie: a noticeable particle dislodged from, or extracted from, the interior of one’s nostril.

“Oh no! You are not going to eat that nose picked particle are you!?

[bogie spelled out in the phonetic alphabet.]

The Scottish Word: bogie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

3 thoughts on “Bogie.

  1. Also a Scottish word for a cart make with wood and 4 wheels plank of wood between and with a string or a wheel for guiding suitable for 2 riders!

    1. Totally agree, (my dad and a lot more in our area of Grangemouth) made numerous bogies usually with bits of wood, pram wheels and string to steer with great fun was had racing them or just playing on them. I thought that it was a Scottish term but seems it could have travelled up from the north east of England.

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