A live dog in a small coffin being stroked by an old woman as the grave digger looks on next to a small open grave.
The Scottish Word:


Ye did very weel no buryin mha wee dug when ye heard it scartin n screevin oan the lid o its kist.

But I’m no peyin. Will I whuffle.

It’s no my fault ye howkit a muckle hole ahn noo wi nae body tae go in it.


whuffle: used in an exclamation as an emphatic negative (will ye whuffle: will you indeed! – No you won’t!).

You did very well in not burying my little dog when ye heard it scratching and scraping on the lid of its coffin.

But I’m no longer paying. Indeed I will not!

It’s not my fault you dug a very large hole and now are without a body to go in it.

The Scottish Word: whuffle with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Pet Dogs.

My wee independent minded dog Max died this date and consequently I stopped drawing Scottish Words – and it’s taken a wee while to get back. Any words over the last few weeks and the next few months have been backdated as has this one.

Everybody thinks their dog is unique and cute but strangers thought likewise of Max and always commented of him on his walks as ‘a man on a mission’ which of course he always was, being from a working breed. A tiny dog bred to round up cattle. Pugnacious, intelligent and brave to match the job.

I’ve no idea how old he was. We inherited him from a woman who got him from a man handing out puppies for free at a petrol station. He had too much relentless inquisitive energy for her to take so my sons brought him home for a week’s trial. Ha ha. We estimate he was between 14 and 15 when he died. Very much missed.
Max my dog on a bucket surrounded by two month pile of sizeable logs carried home by a dog the size of a cat.
He always brought a log home, his fur shed dirt like Teflon, ‘could go straight from the cattleyard to the catwalk’ as the breeders used to say, and we often wondered at how his tongue could fit back into his mouth. He could lick one’s face from a yard away.

Max at the rockery a year before he became ill grey and old.
RIP Max.

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