Highlander speeding down a hill in the snow on his new invention.
The Scottish Word:


Hoi MacMillan, Yer whidderin doon the brae at a fair lick.

Ye could whidder aboot the glens the rest o the year inaw if ye fitted a wee wheelie tae the front o yir whigmaleerie instead o a ski.


whidder: move with force or impetus, rush about.

I say MacMillan, you’re powering yourself down that hill at an impressive speed.

You could move yourself powerfully about the glens the rest of the year as well if you replaced your ski with a small wheel on the front of your fantastic contrivance.

The Scottish Word: whidder with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

The Bicycle

Some claim Kirkpatrick MacMillan a blacksmith from Dumfrieshire in the 1830’s invented the pedal powered bicyle. It’s disputed however but who cares, those who were making those new things around the same time were innovators whether they were the very first or not.

The pedals drove the wheel crank via rods along the same lines as a piston driving a train rather than by our modern method of a drive chain.

And no he didni ski in it as far as I know.

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