Red-Grouse looking shocked as landowner blasts at mate rather than at the invading alien spacecraft.
The Scottish Word:


Will yer lordship please stap shooting at oor gor-cocks ah’n hae a pop at yon tarmegant oot-worldlers for a cheenge, tae help us oot.


Tarmegant: violent, quarrelsome person.

Will your lordship please stop shooting at our grouse and have a shot at those violent aliens for change, to help us out.

The Scottish Word: tarmegant with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

Lost to the world.

The landowner on his personal grouse moor oblivious to the worries of the wider world. Note the bullet hole in the grouse’s tail feathers.

You hear about us modern day on-line folk living in isolated self made social bubbles.

Nothing changes. The rich and powerful made their own self constructed social bubbles all through history. Oblivious to those not in it.

Those not in it were the serf, the indentured servant, the poor, the grifters, the workers, the weak.

The bubbles they had to live in were not self constructed nor self maintained.

It was defined and maintained by their ‘elders and betters’ their landowners, their employers, their ‘moral’ guardians and oftentimes their outright owners.

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