Bear cub up to the neck in a jar of golden honey being shown a spoon.
The Scottish Word:


“Tak heed son. It’s time ye lernt tae tak a widden spune tae eat yir hinnie in wice o yer whole sel.”


spune, speen, spon: spoon.

“Take heed son, be wise. It is time you learned to use a wooden spoon to eat your honey instead of your whole self.”


I absolutely hate people who fill in their front gardens with concrete, tarmac or bricks.

That practice increases noise, heat and dust and contributes to flooding.

Here are some reasons to have gardens.

Don’t give in to the the cash incentives the insurance companies make to tempt you as a customer to park your car where your garden once was and to cut down any decent sized trees.

Insurance people hate organic life except for the kind that pays premiums and never make claims.

My neighbour has a front road-side garden that gets thoroughly attended to by garden contractors one day in the Autumn.

It is untouched the rest of the time and yet looks great all year round.

The Scottish Word: spune with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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