A witch flying at speed carrying a soldier piggy back startling another witch in plain clothes.
The Scottish Word:


Jings that wiz Sinjin Pithoolwait efter a rabiator oan the back o Sangria and she’s got a bleezin skelter on.

She’s losing twigs o birch frae her besom at a feersum rate which micht gar her stall.

I’d better deploy you Polly, skelp efter her an len a haun.

Yin Carlin tae anither.


skelter: To scurry, scamper, rush headlong. also: at full speed, precipitately.

Goodness that was Sinjin Pithoolwait after a miscreant on the back of Sangria and she’s going at a blazing speed.

She is losing birch twigs from her broom at a fearsome rate which might cause her to stall.

I’d better deploy you Polly, speed after her and lend a hand.

One Witch to another.

The Scottish Word: skelter with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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