Giant face painting for red nose day as Gulliver gets his nose done red by the Lilliputians.
The Scottish Word:


“This muckle puss pentin’s a pussie o a job wid ye no say?”

“Aye aye, very funny, g’oan wi it.”


pussie: a pain in the backside, not pleasant, messy and unrewarding.

“This gigantic face painting is a pain in the backside sort of job would you not say?”

“yes indeed, very drole, get on with the work.” (Except there’s no pun or alliteration in the English)

The Scottish Word: pussie with its definition and its meaning illustrated and captioned with the word used in context in the Scots language and in English.

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It’s important to note that you pronounce pussie as in puss from a boil as opposed to puss for a pussycat.

Pronounce it the wrong way and it is a word that one does not use in polite society.

I’ve decided it is Scottish from knowing it all my life and almost everyone I’ve spoken to from varied Scottish backgrounds are also familiar with it. Especially people from Dundee.

I suspect it is used mainly in the East coast and less on the West.

Any research I attempted on the Internet returns results on entirely the wrong word which I decided not to pursue.

I tried one or two dictionaries but they had no listing. I shall try further. I have a colleague who has an eighteenth century eight volume collection of Scottish words. I’ll ask him to have a look.

Expressions that are in use with this word are: pussie sick – exasperated; pussiein about – prevaricating, being a pain; pussie of a job – unnecessarily difficult messy unrewarding bit of work; a pussie person – one who is a pain in the neck, an annoying person, being deliberately awkward.

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